• An Outright Guide on Retinafying your Website

    What’s featured in this guide? Well, here I’ll be talking about the most prominent methods of retinafying your existing website for creating that perfect impression on your visitors. Starting off with the methods utilized for making a website retina-ready Method No.1- Create a retina-optimized image and serve it to different non-Retina devices Here, you can […]

  • “Retinize It” Simplifies the Creation of Retina-Ready Images in Photoshop

    Creating retina-ready images from within Photoshop is no rocket-science. Still, it is a tedious task no designer is likely to associate the term fun with. Help in shortening the amount of life-time that has to be put therein will be much appreciated. Artiom Dashinsky from Tel-Aviv is the one to be thankful for as he […]

  • 12 Pixel Perfect Retina WordPress Themes

    Today I wanted to create a post where I could collect retina WordPress themes, currently retina themes are a little sparse so as the year goes on I will add more to this collection as I find them or as I get notified of new releases. What Is A Retina Device The term retina device […]