• Conditional Media Query Mixins

    Published October 30, 2013 by Chris Coyier Sass makes working with media queries pretty excellent. You can nest them right within other blocks of CSS, which puts the properties and values you are changing right next to each other. That’s creates an obvious connection between them, which is a much nicer authoring experience than trying […]

  • Use SASS instead of LESS with Twitter Bootstrap

    For those of you who use Twitter Bootstrap you will probably love the way it utilises LESS CSS, to speed up your web development process. However, quite a few people recently have switched to using SASS, a LESS CSS alternative. How do you go about using SASS with Twitter Bootstrap? For those who don’t know […]

  • 30 Amazing SASS Resources

    Most developers and now using either LESS or SASS to speed up their website development, hence why Design Shack have produced this list of 30 amazing SASS Resources including buttons, frameworks, grid systems and bootstrap plugins. Despite the predictions of countless skeptics, Sass hasn’t proved to be a fad at all, but rather a remarkably […]