• Fontplop: Free Mac App Turns Web Fonts Into Desktop Fonts

    Life can be this easy. Drag your TTF or OTF over to Fontplop, and get a web font bundle consisting of WOFF2, WOFF, TFF, SVG, and EOT in return. Fontplop is a small app for macOS, available for free on Github. You can download it as source text, but also as a DMG, ready to […]

  • Web Standards Documentation: Microsoft Joins the Mozilla Developer Network

    Microsoft is busily exporting documents that deal with web standards. Target of the export is the MDN, the Mozilla Developer Network. What gives? In times where a reading and thinking human can get the impression that everyone was a splitter, Microsoft’s latest move is well received. Recently, they decided to merge their web standards documentation […]

  • Bubbly Backgrounds: Moving Backgrounds for Your Website

    It’s not modern if it doesn’t move. Of course, this also applies to your website’s background. Bubbly Backgrounds are at your service. JavaScript for Bubbles Bubbly Backgrounds is a very small JavaScript written by a Norwegian developer called David who goes by the name of Tipsy on Github. With its compressed 696 bytes, the short […]