BootPress – A Flat File CMS That Will Knock Your Socks Off

BootPress is a content management system that has all of the features you would expect and hope for, but without any of the bloat or complexity you have come to expect and coped with, until now!  BootPress is simple.  All you have to manage are files, and only one file per page at that.  You just set a Smarty array to tell BootPress what it is you are creating:  A title, description, keywords (typical meta stuff), whether it is a page or post, and then on with the show.  Most Flat File CMS's out there in the wild will just markdown the rest of what you've got and call it a day, but not at BootPress.
 At BootPress you have got options.  You can use markdown, regular old html, and using the Twitter Bootstrap Class you can fix yourself a heaping bowl of div soup without even touching any of that nasty markup.  You are not just limited to html either.  Using the Page Class you can insert css, javascript, meta tags, and files into your page at any time, and it will be inserted in the correct location.  You can prepend and append anything to any section of the page, again, at any time.  Images, movies, pdfs, downloads?  Just include it in the same folder as your page, and you've got ready access to it.  Thumbnails?  You can resize any image just by adding "#{$width}x{$height}" to the end of your link.
When BootPress says that they are a Flat File CMS, they are actually lying.  They've got SQLite databases all over the place.  Well, in one folder anyways.  But don't worry, you do not have to lift a finger, or even set anything up.  They just update themselves and give you everything you ever dreamed of on a silver platter.  FTS fulltext porter searches, sitemaps, feeds, listings, archives, tags, categories, authors, and analytics.  What more does a website need?  What's more, you only have to download it once, and it can be used by every website you've got.
Mosy on over to GitHub, and give her a whirl.  You may never look back.
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