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  • The Truth About

    On July 8, 2015, I lost a legal battle against Automattic over, despite owning the trademarks for Thesis and Thesis Theme in the website software space. Many of you have probably read the initial account of what happened on WP Tavern along with all of the comments. Unfortunately, as is customary with legal disputes […]

  • Remove the WordPress Pharma Hack

    Pearsonified show us how to remove the WordPress Pharma Hack in this WordPress tutorial. A few weeks ago, I started receiving tweets and emails from people who claimed that search results for my site were looking more like a pharmacy than a helpful Web resource. Of course, upon hearing such blasphemy, I immediately opened a […]

  • The Ultimate Guide to Readable Web Typography

    Pearsonified kindly explains how to make type readable on websites, and the scientific reasons why in this ultimate guide to readable web typography. Right now, there‚Äôs a mathematical symphony happening on your website. Every single one of your readers is subconsciously aware of this symphony, and more important, they are all pre-programmed to respond to […]