• By Designers For Designers: Fontbase Organizes Your Fonts For Free

    Straightforward font management is a must in the workspace of every designer. The free Fontbase provides just that and even has a couple more ideas to offer. Universal Tool for the Three Main Operating Systems The reasonably new tool Fontbase is available for free on your Mac, Windows, or Linux device. Originally, Fontbase was made to […]

  • Bubbly Backgrounds: Moving Backgrounds for Your Website

    It’s not modern if it doesn’t move. Of course, this also applies to your website’s background. Bubbly Backgrounds are at your service. JavaScript for Bubbles Bubbly Backgrounds is a very small JavaScript written by a Norwegian developer called David who goes by the name of Tipsy on Github. With its compressed 696 bytes, the short […]

  • Free: InVision Studio Could Kill Adobe XD, Sketch, and Framer

    You love Sketch, just got the hang of Adobe XD, or pay for Framer already? InVision Studio could still win you over. InVision Studio is a tool for rapid prototyping and the creation of production-ready assets alike. This puts it on one level with the favorite weapons from the houses of Bohemian Software, or Adobe, […]