Guest post

  • Slow load times: The Ecommerce killer

    Consider this common scenario: A prospective customer opens their favorite search engine and inputs their search query, something like “adorable cake toppers.” The search returns over one million results. Our consumer opens about a half dozen pages – yours included. Clicking through each of the tabs, the shopper impatiently glances at photos and web pages, […]

  • 5 common flaws that hold back your website

    Using an unresponsive design Presently nearly 40% of modern searches are conducted on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. It is extremely important to have a website which can display properly on mobile devices for businesses. However, estimates are available that fewer than 17% of the 876 million websites, which have been created, have […]

  • Vital tips to assure your online security

    If you keep these tips in mind, you can engage in many online activities without worrying about compromised security. First, let’s emphasize the importance of using a strong password. You will have to log into several online accounts using usernames and passwords in order to perform a variety of actions varying from ordering your grocery […]